Who are we?
Munti Consultancy is a boutique business firm that provides meticulously tailored business development and full-fledged marketing solutions to enterprises and individuals aiming to expedite the expansion of their current business ventures. Moreover, we cater to those aspiring to forge their own distinctive brand entities and projects, as well as those venturing into foreign markets or introducing international business projects to the local sphere and vice versa. Our approach entails a comprehensive analysis of your requirements, considering their unique contextual nuances, thereby allowing us to curate a bespoke repertoire of innovative solutions creatively tailored specifically to your objectives.
Our services
Our Founder

Munti Consultancy, a venture established by the enterprising and astute marketeer, Muntaha Hajson,epitomizes a culmination of her extensive background in working at esteemed multinational entities within the realm of luxury and lifestyle brands.

With a remarkable professional journey spanning 15 years at Procter & Gamble in Geneva, Switzerland, as well as 6 years in Doha, Qatar, including a notable tenure as the Head of Marketing and Public Relations Department at Alfardan Jewellery, a subsidiary of the illustrious Alfardan Group, Muntaha's expertise extends not only locally but also across the Gulf Cooperation Council region. Furthermore, her association with the Swiss Business Counsel in Doha, Qatar further enhances her distinguished standing.